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What makes Reach Out Home Health Care different from other In-Home agencies?
Reach Out Home Health Care stands out with each staff members understanding of compassion in others which motivates a desire to help in any way possible regardless of the circumstances. Caring is our passion and we go above and beyond to make sure needs are met and exceed expectations. Not only do we care for our staff members and clients, we also give back to our community. We have partnered with two non-profit organizations to donate a percentage of clients’ payment annually.


What services does Reach Out Home Health Care provide?
We provide companion care, personal care, plant and pet care services at home starting from 2 hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We also provide care in nursing home, assisted live in, and/or wherever your loved chooses to remain safe and independent.


How quickly can you have a staff member tend to me/family member in need of your service(s)?
We make it a point to meet family members or person in charge within 4 hours of notification our services is needed. The more advance notice, the better we can prepare to provide quality care.


How are the caregivers selected?
Caregivers are considered based on qualified care experience and passing a skills and competence written test. Each caregiver’s experience is verified through professional and personal references. Considered caregivers are screened for criminal background statewide and drug tested.


How do I get started with Reach Out Home Health Care?
A staff member is ready to answer any questions you may have and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Call us today at (831) 293-8447.


Is there a Plan of Care for each client? How often is it reviewed/modified?
Yes, Reach Out Home Health Care calls it a Care Value Agenda. We prepare and maintain a Care Value Agenda for each client based on specific needs. The Care Value Agenda needs approval from client and/or family members to understand the type of care to be provided by caregiver. Once approved, Reach Out Home Health Care office staff will recommend the best-fit caregiver to the client and establishes a schedule for monitoring and communication. Office staff will review the Care Value Agenda, at least, every 4 months to ensure client is receiving appropriate level of care.


Will I have the same caregiver all the time?
We do our best to maintain consistency with caregivers and clients by being proactive. If the assigned caregiver is going on vacation an alternate caregiver, with similar personality, will be introduced to client/family member to ensure client’s satisfaction.


What if my caregiver is sick?
Reach Out Home Health Care employs a team of compassionate, thoughtful and licensed caregivers. If your caregiver is sick, we will provide you with a caregiver. Your Care Value Agenda is explained to a carefully selected caregiver whom will provide you with consistent quality care.